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Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that one tooth is slightly darker than the other? Or all your teeth have become much darker than they once were?

One of the best home-based whitening treatments you can receive is Enlighten’s Evolution.

This exceptional product provides quality whitening from a combination of home-based application and in surgery treatment. Apply this treatment at home in your own time without having to wait for an appointment followed by in surgery whitening to make your results long lasting.

The Evolution package comes with a three-week stepwise process. Each step increases the active ingredient (carbamide peroxide), and your teeth gradually whiten to reach an incredible white lustre.

The Enlighten Evolution kit comes with a continuous maintenance programme, including special whitening toothpaste you apply at home. The kit includes a tray (or mouthguard), tooth serum, desensitiser swabs and applicators.

Our patients have achieved extremely successful results, and we promote its use to all our clients. If you want to receive a comprehensive explanation on applying this product, call us to schedule an appointment.

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