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Crowns are often the best solution for capping worn teeth. As our body ages, so do the surfaces of our teeth that can grind down. Natural wear of teeth, night grinding and stress can cause our teeth to erode over time.

Sometimes, you will feel the loss of your tooth’s flat surface and molars are often the surface first hit by this issue.

Crowns are designed to look just like your teeth. They are caps of material that cover your tooth and provide a cosmetic and functional solution to failing teeth surfaces. By covering your original tooth, the crown protects it from further damage and decay. We will also make sure all crowns are colour matched to your teeth.

To make our crown procedures as comfortable as possible, we suggest local anaesthetic.

All Crown procedures require multiple visits for preparation, measuring and fitting. If you feel you need a crown, or that a tooth has broken and requires treatment, we suggest you contact us to discuss treatment or to schedule an appointment.

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