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Skin can be smooth and blemish free but, in most cases, has some flaws and while most of them do not bother us, some do.

Our team will reduce or eliminate skin blemishes, smoothing out skin and helping to create a vibrant, healthy coloured glow. We use Obagi skincare products, scientifically backed, clinical-quality formulations to promote healthy, future-facing skin.


Acne is a skin ailment that troubles many of us – not only teenagers. Whether you have cystic acne, typical acne, or adult acne, the team at The Courtyard Dental Care has the appropriate treatment solution for you. Contact us to arrange a skin examination and treatment options.


Everyone has a slightly different skin colour. The colour of your skin can also change with age, from extreme pigmentation differences to slight patches that are barely visible. We offer a few successful skincare treatments to manage this issue. Call us to arrange a review of our pigmentation treatment options.

Pore size

An issue that many people must contend with is large pore holes. We provide an in-house treatment that can smooth the skin and helps reduce the size of your pores. Call us to schedule a consultation.


Scars are highly individual in style and acceptance. Some people will scar ‘nicely’, but others can have a prevalent keloid build up. Whether you have a cut, burn or abrasion scar, our professional team will treat your scars and reduce or even remove their appearance. Call us today to book a consultation.

Sun Spots

Sun spots are the result of direct sunlight on your skin over time. They become more apparent and obvious as you age and appear on the face, neck, and hands. If sun spots are an issue, contact us to discuss our various treatment options.

Uneven Skin Tone

Over time, our even skin tone starts to vary, and we have slightly darker and lighter areas covering different parts of the body. Similar to pigmentation, this is a sign of ageing. Contact us to discuss some of our skin tone treatment options.

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