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We genuinely care about your health so, at The Courtyard Dental Care, we go the extra mile and our dedicated team of dentists will always screen for cancer.

We take time to look around your mouth for any warning signals. We ask for information about your family history and any dietary and lifestyle habits, such as alcohol intake and smoking that may impact on the health of your mouth in order to build a detailed picture of your health.

We examine the inside of your lips, cheeks and view the ceiling and floor of your mouth, as well as check the entire surface area of your tongue.

Proactive screening is recommended for everyone, but especially for patients with a higher risk of a cancer diagnosis. Our team will help you understand the consequences of certain habits and how they will increase the risk of mouth cancer, as well as offer help in reducing the risk.

If you suspect your mouth is showing signs of cancer, contact us now for an immediate screening, and let our healthcare professionals alleviate your fears and worries, as well as provide you with preventative education.

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