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As you age, you lose teeth for a variety of reasons but there are various options for replacing missing teeth.

One of our preferred options is the Dental Implant, which provides a reliable and aesthetically pleasing permanent solution. The Dental Implant process has several steps and includes the insertion of a titanium post in the gap. After this, a small abutment is placed on the post to help support the artificial tooth that will be placed over the post in your third visit.

At each stage, you will undergo local anaesthetic to alleviate pain, and we give you time ensure your gums heal properly before any continuation. The final step is placing the tooth, or Crown, over the post that is perfectly matched for colour and size.

Once treatment is complete, you can return to normal eating and smiling without concern.

While the other options are less invasive, they are not always as comfortable and not a permanent solution.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and let our healthcare team advise you which option would best suit you.

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