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Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and can be embarrassing when you smile. Many patients walk out of our facilities with more than just a smile – they walk out with renewed confidence.

A Bridge is a cosmetic tooth that sits between (and supported by) adjacent teeth and is non-removable.

A Bridge helps close the gap you have when you lose one or more teeth and can alleviate the embarrassment of a gappy smile.

The procedure involves measuring, preparing and placing the bridge in the required gap. Our experienced dentists understand the need for cosmetic appeal and will match your bridge colour to the exact colour of your teeth, making you smile appear natural.

Fear of dental work is common and we always aim to deliver treatment comfortably, which is why our dentists offer a standard anaesthetic, such as the one you have before receiving a filling.

If you are interested in bridging your gaps, contact us to arrange a consultation.
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